BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Condition based service (applies to certain vehicles only) - service bulletin si b 00 07 02 (2/2009)

BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual / Transmission / Transmission fluid change intervals (if applicable) / Condition based service (applies to certain vehicles only) - service bulletin si b 00 07 02 (2/2009)

NOTE: This Service Information bulletin supersedes SI B00 07 02 dated November 2007.


Condition Based Service


All models with Condition Based Service


This information is intended to provide a general system overview of Condition Based Service (CBS), which is an advanced development of the previous Service Interval Indicator systems.

CBS measures, monitors and determines the required maintenance of several service items independently of each other. This technology prompts the customer to bring the vehicle in for service whenever one of the CBS items requires maintenance or replacement. CBS strikes a compromise between too frequent maintenance intervals and too rigid service intervals that call for the replacement of service items that may still have substantial remaining useful life. CBS also details the recommended, due, and overdue required maintenance during and after the BMW Vehicle Maintenance Program Agreement.

For details of CBS service items and maintenance intervals, refer to the relevant vehicle Owner's Manual.

Transmission fluid change intervals (if applicable)
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Service recognition
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