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Vehicle features and options

This chapter describes all standard, country-specific and optional features offered with the series. It also describes features that are not necessarily available in your car, e. g., due to the selected options or country versions. This also applies to safety-related functions and systems. The respectively applicable country provisions must be observed when using the respective features and systems.

Integrated Owner's Manual in the vehicle

The Integrated Owner's Manual can be displayed on the Control Display. It specifically describes features and functions found in the vehicle.

Components of the Integrated Owner's Manual

The Integrated Owner's Manual consists of three parts, which offer various levels of information or possible access.

Quick Reference Guide The Quick Reference Guide provides information how to operate the car, how to use basic vehicle functions or what to do in case of a breakdown. This information can also be displayed while driving.

Search by images Image search provides information and descriptions.

This is helpful when the terminology for a feature is not at hand.

Owner's Manual Search for information and descriptions by entering terms selected from the index.

Select components

1. Press button.

2. Turn the controller: open "Vehicle info".

3. Press the controller.

4. Selecting desired range:

  • "Quick reference"
  • "Search by pictures"
  • "Owner's Manual"

BMW X3. Select components

Leafing through the Owner's Manual

Page by page with link access Turn the controller until the next or previous page is displayed.

Page by page without link access Scroll through the pages directly while skipping the links.

Highlight the symbol once. Now simply press the controller to browse from page to page.

Scroll back.

Scroll forward.

Context help - Owner's Manual to the temporarily selected function

You may open the relevant information directly.

Opening via the iDrive To move directly from the application on the Control Display to the Options menu:

1. Press button or move the controller to the right repeatedly until the "Options" menu is displayed.

2. "Display Owner's Manual"

Opening when a Check Control message is displayed Directly from the Check Control message on the Control Display: "Display Owner's Manual"

Changing between a function and the Owner's Manual To reel from a function, e. g., radio, to the Owner's Manual on the Control Display and to alternate between the two displays:

1. Press button or move the controller to the right repeatedly until the "Options" menu is displayed.

2. "Display Owner's Manual" 3. Select the desired page in the Owner's Manual.

4. Press button again to return to last displayed function.

5. Press button to return to the page of the Owner's Manual displayed last.

To alternate permanently between the last displayed function and the Owner's Manual repeat steps 4 & 5. Opens a new display every time.

Programmable memory buttons

General information The Owner's Manual can be stored on the programmable memory buttons and called up directly.


1. "Owner's Manual" Select via the iDrive.

2. Press selected button for more than 2 seconds.


Press button.

The Owner's Manual is displayed immediately.

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