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The concept Launch Control enables optimum acceleration on surfaces with good traction.


Component wear

Do not use Launch Control too often; otherwise, this may result in premature wear of components due to the high stress placed on the vehicle.

Do not use Launch Control during the break-in, period.

To increase vehicle stability, activate DSC again as soon as possible.

An experienced driver may be able to achieve better acceleration values in DSC OFF mode.

Requirements Launch Control is available when the engine is warmed up, that is, after uninterrupted driving of at least 6 miles/10 km.

To start with Launch Control do not steer the steering wheel.

Start with launch control

While the engine is running:

1. Press button or select Sport+ with the Driving Dynamics Control.

TRACTION is displayed in the instrument cluster and the indicator lamp for DSC OFF lights up.

2. Engage selector lever position S.

3. With the left foot, forcefully press down on the brake.

4. Press and hold down the accelerator pedal beyond the resistance point at the full throttle position.

A flag symbol is displayed in the instrument cluster.

5. The starting engine speed adjusts. Within 3 seconds, release the brake.

Before using Launch Control, allow the transmission to cool down for approx. 5 minutes.

Launch Control adjusts to the surrounding conditions, e.g., wet pavement, when used again.

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