BMW X3 Owners Manual: Activating

BMW X3. Activating

1. Depending on the equipment, turn the light switch into position or .

2. Press button on the turn signal lever, arrow.

The indicator lamp in the instrument cluster lights up.

When the low beams are on, the lights are automatically brightened or dimmed.

The system responds to light from oncoming traffic and traffic driving ahead of you, and to adequate illumination, e.g., in towns and cities.

The blue indicator lamp in the instrument cluster lights up when the system switches on the high beams. Depending on the version of the system in the vehicle, the high beams may not switch off for oncoming vehicles, but may only be dimmed in the areas that blind oncoming traffic. In this case, the blue indicator light will stay on.

    The concept
    When the low beams are activated, this system automatically switches the high beams on and off or suppresses the light in the areas that blind onco ...

    Switching the high beams on and off manually
    High beams on, arrow 1. High beams off/headlight flasher, arrow 2. The High-beam Assistant can be switched off when manually adjusting th ...

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