BMW X3 Owners Manual: Deactivating DSC: DSC OFF

When DSC is deactivated, driving stability is reduced during acceleration and when driving in curves.

To increase vehicle stability, activate DSC again as soon as possible.

Deactivating DSC

Press and hold this button but not longer than approx. 10 seconds, until the indicator lamp for DSC OFF lights up in the instrument cluster and displays DSC OFF.

The DSC system is switched off.

The steering and, depending on the equipment, suspension are tuned for sporty driving.

Activating DSC

Press button.

DSC OFF and the DSC OFF indicator lamp go out.

Indicator/warning lights

When DSC is deactivated, DSC OFF is displayed in the instrument cluster.

The indicator lamp lights up: DSC is deactivated.

    Button in the vehicle DSC OFF button Indicator/warning lights The indicator lamp flashes: DSC controls the drive and braking forces. Th ...

    DTC Dynamic Traction Control

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