BMW X3 Owners Manual: Touchpad

Some iDrive functions can be operated using the touchpad on the controller:

Selecting functions

1. "Settings"

2. "Touchpad"

3. Select the desired function.

  • "Speller": enter letters and numbers.
  • "Interactive map": viewing the interactive map.
  • "Browser": enter Internet addresses.
  • "Audio feedback": pronounces entered letters and numbers.

Entering letters and numbers

Entering letters requires some practice at the beginning. When entering, pay attention to the following:

  • For the input of upper/lower case letters and numbers, it may be necessary to reel via the controller to the corresponding Input mode, e.g. when the spelling of upper and lower case letters is identical.
  • Enter characters as they are displayed on the Control Display.
  • Always enter associated characters, such as accents or periods so that the letter can be clearly recognized. Possible input depends on the set language. Where necessary, enter special characters via the controller.
  • To delete a character, slide to the left on the touchpad.
  • To enter a blank space, slide to the right in the center of the touchpad.
  • To enter a hyphen, slide to the right in the upper area of the touchpad.
  • To enter an underscore, swipe to the right in the lower area of the touchpad.

Using interactive map and Internet

Via touch-pad move the interactive map in the navigation system and Internet sites.

Function Controls
Move interactive map or Internet sites. Swipe into respective direction.
Enlarge/shrink interactive map or Internet sites. Drag in or out on the touchpad with fingers.
Display the menu or open a link in the Internet. Tap once.

Changing settings

You may change control display settings via touchpad. Swipe left or right accordingly.

    Changing settings
    1. Select a field. 2. Turn the controller until the desired setting is displayed. 3. Press the controller. Activating/deactivating the functio ...

    Example: setting the clock
    Setting the clock On the Control Display: 1. Press button. The main menu is displayed. 2. Turn the controller until "Settings" is high ...

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