BMW X3 Owners Manual: Overview

Buttons on the steering wheel

System on/off, interrupt

Store speed

Resume speed

rocker switch: change, hold, store speed


Switching on

Press button on the steering wheel.

The marking in the speedometer is set to the current speed.

Cruise control can be used.

Switch off

Deactivated or interrupted system

With deactivated or interrupted system use your brakes, steering and moves as usual to avoid the chance of an accident.

Press button.

  • If active: press twice.
  • If interrupted: press once.

The displays go out. The stored desired speed is deleted.


When active, press the button.

The system is automatically interrupted if:

  • The brakes are applied.
  • The clutch pedal is depressed for a few seconds or released while a gear is not engaged.
  • The gear engaged is too high for the current speed.
  • Selector lever position D is disengaged.
  • DTC Dynamic Traction Control is activated or DSC is deactivated.
  • DSC is actively controlling stability.
  • HDC is activated.
  • When SPORT+ is activated with Driving Dynamics Control.

Maintaining, storing, and changing the speed


Adjusting the desired speed

Modify desired speed to road conditions and be ready to brake at all times; otherwise, there is the risk of an accident.

Maintaining/storing the speed

Press button.


BMW X3. Maintaining/storing the speed

Press the rocker switch while the system is interrupted.

When the system is switched on, the current speed is maintained and stored as the desired speed.

This is displayed, in the speedometer and briefly in the instrument cluster.

When cruise control is maintained or stored, DSC Dynamic Stability Control will be turned on if needed.

Changing the speed Press the rocker switch up or down repeatedly until the desired speed is set.

If active, the displayed speed is stored and the vehicle reaches the stored speed when the road is clear.

  • Each time the rocker switch is pressed to the point of resistance, the desired speed increases or decreases by approx. 1 mph/ km/
  • Each time the rocker switch is pressed past the point of resistance, the desired speed increases or decreases by a maximum of 5 mph/10 km/h.

    The maximum speed that can be set depends on the vehicle.

  • Pressing the rocker switch to the resistance point and holding it accelerates or decelerates the vehicle without requiring pressure on the accelerator pedal.

    After the rocker switch is released, the vehicle maintains its final speed. Pressing the switch beyond the resistance point causes the vehicle to accelerate more rapidly.

Resuming the desired speed

Press button.

The stored speed is reached and maintained.

    The concept
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    Displays in the instrument cluster
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