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To comply with the six year warranty against rust, specially selected waxes and additives produce an elastic, temperature-proof, corrosion inhibiting protectant. The corrosion protection thickness should measure a maximum of 30 microns, but can be varied as desired by repeating the spraying procedures accordingly.


Clean underside of car to remove grease, oil and dirt. Cover rotating parts and parts not undercoated, such as driveshaft, brake discs, brake hoses, springs, exhaust pipes, etc.

After completion of body repairs, the affected areas must have corrosion protection reapplied. This applies, also, if the BMW Annual Check shows that the corrosion protection has to be repaired.


Quick-drying, rubber-based, paintable. Compatible with PVC-based undercoat, front apron and door sill coatings. (Former BMW Part Nos. 81 22 9 407 001, 81 22 9 407 521/522)
3M Part No. 8883
Wurth Part No. 892072
Loctite Part No. 81833 (or PX135EA)
CRC Part No. Siloo 28A
Also: Wurth "Body Seal, beige", Part No. 0892091 U.


Sealing compound for all joints and seams, can be painted over. Good adhesion, free of shrinkage, resistant to heat and cold temperatures, permanently elastic. (Former BMW Part Nos. 81 22 9 400 013 and 81 22 9 407 313)
3M Part No. 8361
Wurth Part No. 893430


Elasto-plastic sealing compound based on polyacrylate.

Applications: Protection of door and hood panel seams. (Former BMW Part No. 81 22 9 407 675)
3M Part No. 8361
Wurth Part No. 890100025
Also: Wurth "Gray Seam Sealer", Part No. 089228 U.


Prevents corrosion on painted and non-painted metal surfaces. Serves mainly for treating edges and folded-over seams. (Former BMW Part No. 81 22 9 400 711)
3M Part No. 8892
Wurth Part No. 893082


Sprayable coating compound for outside and inside. For sealing, noise-insulation and as protection against flying stones. Quick-drying can be painted over, permanently elastic, heat and cold-resistant. (Former BMW Part Nos. 81 22 9 407 001 and 81 22 9 407 416)
3M Part No. 8964
Wurth Part No. 893075
Loctite Part No. 81833/PX135EA


ADHESIVE REMOVER (Former BMW Part No. 81 22 9 407 388)
3M Part No. 8984

RUST REMOVER (Former BMW Part No. 81 22 9 407 121)
Wurth Part No. 89091801
Loctite Part No. 82075

Body cavity sealing
It is only necessary to rewax or seal the affected area after repairing the body. Only BMW approved products may be used to comply with the six y ...

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