BMW X3 Owners Manual: Climate control functions in detail


Turn the ring to set the desired temperature.

The automatic climate control reaches this temperature as quickly as possible, if needed by increasing the cooling or heating output, and then keeps it constant.

Do not rapidly switch between different temperature settings. Otherwise, the automatic climate control will not have sufficient time to adjust the set temperature.

AUTO program

Press button.

Air flow, air distribution and temperature are controlled automatically.

Depending on the selected temperature, AUTO intensity program and outside influences, the air is directed to the windshield, side windows, upper body, and into the footwell.

The cooling function, is switched on automatically with the AUTO program.

At the same time, a condensation sensor controls the program so as to prevent window condensation as much as possible.

To switch off the program: press the button again or manually adjust the air distribution.

Intensity of the AUTO program With the AUTO program activated, the automatic intensity control can be changed.

Press the left or right side of the button: decrease or increase the intensity.

The selected intensity is shown on the display of the automatic climate control.

Defrosts windows and removes condensation

Press button.

Ice and condensation are quickly removed from the windshield and the front side windows.

For this purpose, point the side vents onto the side windows as needed.

Adjust air flow with the program active.

If the windows are fogged over, you can also switch on the cooling function or press the AUTO button to utilize the condensation sensor.

Air flow, manual To manually adjust air flow turn off AUTO program first.

Press the left or right side of the button: decrease or increase air flow.

The selected air flow is shown on the display of the automatic climate control.

The air flow of the automatic climate control may be reduced automatically to save battery power.

Manual air distribution

Press button repeatedly to select a program:

  • Upper body region.
  • Upper body region and footwell.
  • Footwell.
  • Windows and footwell.
  • Windows, upper body region, and footwell.
  • Windows: driver's side only.
  • Windows and upper body region.

If the windows are fogged over, press the AUTO button to utilize the condensation sensor.

Maximum cooling

Press button.

The system is set to the lowest temperature, optimum air flow and air circulation mode.

Air flows out of the vents to the upper body region.

The vents need to be open for this.

The function is available above an external temperature of approx. 32 ºF/0 ºC and with the engine running.

Adjust air flow with the program active.

Automatic recirculated-air control/ recirculated-air mode You may respond to unpleasant odors or pollutants in the immediate environment by temporarily suspending the supply of outside air. The system then recirculates the air currently within the vehicle.

Press button repeatedly to select an operating mode:

  • LEDs off: outside air flows in continuously.
  • Left LED on, automatic recirculated-air control: a sensor detects pollutants in the outside air and shuts off automatically.
  • Right LED on, recirculated-air mode: the supply of outside air into the vehicle is permanently blocked.

Recirculated air mode switches off automatically at low external temperatures after a certain amount of time in order to avoid window fogging.

If the windows are fogged over, switch off the recirculated-air mode and press the AUTO button to utilize the condensation sensor.

Make sure that air can flow to the windshield.

Sufficient ventilation

When remaining in the vehicle for an extended period of time, ensure sufficient external ventilation. Do not continuously use recirculated- air mode; otherwise the air quality in the interior continuously deteriorates and window condensation increases.

SYNC program

Press button.

The current setting of the temperature on the driver's side is transferred to the front passenger side.

The program is switched off if the setting on the front passenger side is changed.

Cooling function The car's interior can only be cooled with the engine running.

Press button.

The air will be cooled and dehumidified and, depending on the temperature setting, warmed again.

Depending on the weather, the windshield and side windows may fog up briefly when the engine is started.

The cooling function is switched on automatically with the AUTO program.

When using the automatic climate control, condensation water, develops that exits underneath the vehicle.

Rear window defroster

Press button.

The rear window defroster switches off automatically after a certain period of time.

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