BMW X3 Owners Manual: Controls

Before operation

Before operating a system using the universal garage door opener, ensure that there are no people, animals, or objects within the range of movement of the remote-controlled system; otherwise, there is a risk of injury or damage.

Also follow the safety instructions of the handheld transmitter.

The system, such as the garage door, can be operated using the button on the interior rearview mirror while the engine is running or when the ignition is started. To do this, hold down the button within receiving range of the system until the function is activated. The interior rearview mirror LED stays lit while the wireless signal is being transmitted.

Deleting stored functions

Press and hold the left and right button on the interior rearview mirror simultaneously for approximately 20 seconds until the LED flashes rapidly. All stored functions are deleted. The functions cannot be deleted individually.

    Reprogramming individual buttons
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    Sun visor
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