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Do not connect charging devices to the 12 volt socket in the vehicle

Do not connect battery chargers to the factory- installed 12 volt sockets in the vehicle as this may damage the vehicle battery due to an increased power consumption.

Replace the cover after use

Reinsert the lighter or socket cover after use, otherwise objects may get into the lighter socket or fixture and cause a short circuit.


General information The lighter socket can be used as a socket for electrical equipment while the engine is running or when the ignition is switched on.

Note The total load of all sockets must not exceed 140 watts at 12 volts.

Do not damage the socket by using unsuitable connectors.

Front center console

BMW X3. Front center console

Slide the cover forward.

Remove the cover or cigarette lighter.

Center armrest

BMW X3. Center armrest

Remove the cover.

Rear center console

BMW X3. Rear center console

Remove the cover.

In the cargo area

BMW X3. In the cargo area

The socket is located on the right side in the cargo area.

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