BMW X3 Owners Manual: Winter tires

Winter tires are recommended for operating on winter roads.

Although so-called all-season M+S tires provide better winter traction than summer tires, they do not provide the same level of performance as winter tires.

Maximum speed of winter tires If the maximum speed of the vehicle is higher than the permissible speed for the winter tires, then a respective symbol is displayed in your field of vision. You can obtain this sign from the tire specialist or from your service center.

Maximum speed for winter tires

Do not exceed the maximum speed for the respective winter tires; otherwise, tire damage and accidents can occur.

Run-flat tires

If you are already using run-flat tires, for your own safety you should replace them only with the same kind. No spare tire is available in the case of a flat tire. Your service center will be glad to advise you.

Rotating wheels between axles

Different wear patterns can occur on the front and rear axles depending on individual driving conditions. The tires can be rotated between the axles to achieve even wear. Your service center will be glad to advise you. After rotating, check the tire pressure and correct if needed.

Rotating the tires is not permissible on vehicles with different tire sizes or rim sizes on the front and rear axles.


Store wheels and tires in a cool, dry place with as little exposure to light as possible.

Always protect tires against all contact with oil, grease and fuels.

Do not exceed the maximum tire inflation pressure indicated on the side wall of the tire.

    Recommended tire brands
    For each tire size, the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends certain tire brands. These can be identified by a star on the tire sidewall. ...

    Run-flat tires
    Label RSC label on the tire sidewall. The wheels consist of tires that are self-supporting, to a limited degree, and possibly special rims. ...

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