BMW X3 Owners Manual: Snow chains

Fine-link snow chains

Only certain types of fine-link snow chains have been tested by the manufacturer of the vehicle, classified as road-safe and approved.

Information about the approved snow chains are available from the service center.


Use only in pairs on the rear wheels, equipped with the tires of the following size:

  • 205/65 R 17.
  • 225/60 R 17.
  • 245/50 R 18.
  • 245/45 R 19.

No snow chains on size 245/55 R 17 tires

Do not mount snow chains on size 245/55 R 17 tires; otherwise, the vehicle may become damaged.

Follow the snow chain manufacturer's instructions.

Make sure that the snow chains are always sufficiently tight. Retighten as needed according to the chain manufacturer's instructions.

Do not initialize the Flat Tire Monitor after mounting snow chains, as doing so may result in incorrect readings.

Do not initialize the Tire Pressure Monitor after mounting snow chains, as doing so may result in incorrect readings.

When driving with snow chains, briefly activate Dynamic Traction Control if needed.

Maximum speed with snow chains

Do not exceed a speed of 30 mph/50 km/h when using snow chains.

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