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Body corrosion protection
To comply with the six year warranty against rust, specially selected waxes and additives produce an elastic, temperature-proof, corrosion inhibit ...

Contents of body, general
Before starting repair work BMW i Checking the body for damage (e.g. following an accident) General notes Quality standard . WORKSHOP EQ ...

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BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual > Automatic transmission: Washer
Washer AM Washer AM NOTE: (ring washer 1 mm) Transmissions: 4 HP 24 - no. 0 029 160, 4 HP 22 - no. 1 113 936 Washer AM Storage Location C42 WEDGE Wedge Mechanical tool NOTE: (Wedges) For fixing the disc carrier C when securing the retaining tabs Storage Location X5 SI num ...

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