BMW X3 Owners Manual: Panic mode

You can trigger the alarm system if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Press button on the remote control for at least 3 seconds.

To reel off the alarm: press any button.

Unlocking the tailgate

With automatic tailgate operation:

Note the opening height of the tailgate

The tailgate swings back and up when it opens. Ensure that there is sufficient clearance when the tailgate opens; otherwise, damage may result.

Press button on the remote control for approx. 1 second.

The tailgate opens slightly, regardless of whether the vehicle was previously locked or unlocked.

With automatic tailgate operation, the closed tailgate is automatically opened.

Depending on the features and the country version, it is also possible to have door unlocked.

Create the settings.

If the doors were not unlocked, the tailgate is locked again as soon as it closes.

Do not place the remote control in the cargo area

Take the remote control with you and do not leave it in the cargo area; otherwise, the remote control is locked inside the vehicle when the tailgate is closed.

Provide edge protection

Sharp objects or those with edges can hit the rear window while driving and damage the heat conductors of the rear window. Provide edge protection.

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