BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Stripping operations - replacing rear side panel, left

BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual / Body and Frame / Side panels / Stripping operations - replacing rear side panel, left

NOTE: Owing to the different engine variants and equipment specifications, not all the components are taken into consideration.

The following list basically represents the removal sequence.

  • Disconnect negative battery cable
  • Remove bumper trim panel
  • Remove rear bumper guide middle (left side)
  • Remove left bumper guide
  • Remove tail panel cover at top
  • Remove luggage compartment floor trim panel
  • Remove left luggage compartment wheel arch panel
  • Remove rear left side window
  • Partially detach tailgate seal
  • Release holder for damper
  • Remove left rear light
  • Remove trim panel for left roof pillar
  • Remove left lock striker
  • Remove rear left door sill cover strip
  • Remove rear left rocker panel trim
  • Remove left backrest side section
  • Remove cover on C-pillar at bottom left
  • Remove rear left door edge protection
  • Remove rear left wheel arch cover
  • Remove cover on rear wheel arch
  • Remove trim panel for cover on left side member
  • Remove rear left underbody panelling
  • Remove rear left door
  • Remove trim strip on left roof frame

Undo latch mechanisms and remove rear bleeder (1).

Disconnect plug connections for control unit (2).

Remove bracket (3).

Remove insulating mat (4).

Installation note: The rear ventilation (1) must not be damaged. (watertightness).

All latch mechanisms must engage audibly.


    Replacing left rear side panel
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