BMW X3 (F25) Service & Repair Manual: Parking brake

BMW X3 (F25) Service & Repair Manual / Brakes / Parking brake

Electromechanical parking brake - emergency release

Necessary preliminary tasks:

  • Remove EMF ACTUATORS on left and right.

IMPORTANT: Secure vehicle against rolling, e.g. with chocks.

Using an 7 mm WAF hexagon socket wrench (1), turn back brake caliper spindle in clockwise direction.

Turn back until wheel can turn freely.

IMPORTANT: Do not turn the spindle to the end stop.

At the end stop a fault code is set which will cause the system to shut down! If this is the case, clear the fault memory


NOTE: Start-up after open circuit:

  1. Switch on ignition.
  2. Press brake button with brake pedal pressed.
  3. The indicator light in the instrument panel goes out as soon as the parking brake is released.



Removing and installing control unit for parking brake

IMPORTANT: Read and comply with notes on protection against electrostatic damage (ESD protection).

Necessary preliminary work:

  • Raise luggage compartment floor trim.

Disconnect plug connection (1) and remove control unit (2).



  • Carry out programming/encoding of control units.

Removing and installing/replacing emf actuator

Necessary preliminary tasks:

  • Release parking brake.
  • Switch off ignition.

IMPORTANT: Switch off ignition at least 30 s before disconnecting the plug connection!

After installation, observe the following: switch on ignition and, using parking brake operating element, open parking brake once, close once and open again.

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Disengage cable from cable clip.


Release screws (1).

Installation note: Replace screws

Take off holder (2).

Detach actuator drive (3) from brake caliper.


Installation note: Check sealing ring (1), replace if necessary.

Apply a light coating of brake fluid to sealing ring (1) before fitting.


Installation note: Carefully fit actuator drive until teeth engage and actuator drive rests flush on brake caliper.

If necessary, turn actuator drive slightly until bore hole and thread are flush.


Electrical components/wear indicator

Mechanical/hydraulic components

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