BMW X3 (F25) Service & Repair Manual: Mechanical/hydraulic components

BMW X3 (F25) Service & Repair Manual / Brakes / Mechanical/hydraulic components

Removing and installing brake booster vacuum pressure sensor

Detach service opening (1).


Disconnect plug connection (1) at vacuum sensor.

Carefully remove vacuum sensor (2) from brake booster in direction of arrow.

Installation note:

Check seal in brake booster and replace if necessary.


Removing and installing/replacing dsc hydraulic unit

Necessary preliminary tasks:

  • Read and comply with GENERAL INFORMATION.

After completing repair work:


IMPORTANT: Do not mix up brake lines.

If necessary, mark before removal.

Brake lines must not be bent.

Close off connecting bores with seal plugs.

Press brake pedal down to floor and secure with pedal support.

NOTE: The brake pedal may only be released when the brake lines are reconnected.

This prevents brake fluid from emerging from the expansion tank when the brake lines are opened.


Disconnect plug connection (1).

Unfasten brake lines (1).

Undo screw (3) and remove hydraulic unit upwards in direction of arrow.


Release screws (1) and remove holder (2).


If the control unit is replaced:

  • Carry out programming/encoding.
Parking brake

Electronic components

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