BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Notes on handling wiring harnesses and cables

BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual / Electrical / Troubleshooting / Notes on handling wiring harnesses and cables

The following applies in general:

To avoid damage, observe the following instructions:

  • Avoid compressive and tensile loads
  • To ensure professional repairs, perform repair work only with BMW-approved or recommended special tools and spare parts
  • Make sure cables are laid without kinks or abrasions
  • Ensure non-contacting routing at sharp-edged body parts; use edge protection if necessary
  • Secure additionally laid cables/leads with cable ties

The following additionally applies

Shielded cables

Contact points in the shield can cause problems with regard to noise radiation and interference immunity.

Consequently, distinctions have to be drawn between the following types:

Coaxial cable

  • Shielded RTK031 coaxial lines may only be repaired with special crimping tools.

CVBS cables

  • CVBS cables may not be repaired.
  • CVBS cables must be replaced in their entirety.

HSD cables

  • HSD cables may not be repaired.
  • HSD cables must be replaced in their entirety.

Fibre-optic cables:

NOTE: Optical fibre cables are colored differently as follows:

  • Green = MOST (M edia O riented S ystems T ransport) optical fibre
  • Yellow = ISIS (I ntelligent S afety I ntegration S ystem) optical fibres
  • Orange=repair fibre-optic cables


  • Optical fibres are permitted to show only one junction point (bridge). Replace optical fibres if necessary
  • Smallest permissible bending radius is 25 mm
  • Avoid effects of heat ≥ 85 º

Treating cables and fibre-optic cables .


It is possible to repair the FlexRay. In the event of damage, the cables can be joined with conventional BUTT CONNECTORS AND HEAT-SHRINK TUBING.


  • FlexRay lines may only reveal one separation point (bride); renew complete line if necessary.
  • The cable is a twisted cable. If possible, maintain twisted cable after repair.

Airbag lines:


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