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WARNING: DANGER OF POISONING if oil is ingested/absorbed through the skin! RISK OF INJURY if oil comes into contact with eyes and skin!

Recycling: Observe country-specific waste disposal regulations.

Measures if oil is unintentionally released:

  • Personal precautionary measures: Danger of slipping! Keep noninvolved persons away from the work area. Wear personal protective clothing/equipment.
  • Environmental protection measures: Prevent oil from draining into drain channels, sewerage systems, pits, cellars, water and the ground.
  • Limiting spread: Use oil blocks to prevent the surface spread of oil.
  • Cleaning procedure: Bind and dispose of escaped oil with nonflammable absorbents.

NOTE: Do not flush oil away with water or aqueous cleaning agents.


NOTE: Start-up of ICM control unit must be carried out:

  • After replacement or removal and installation of ICM control unit

Connect vehicle to BMW diagnosis system.

Select and carry out start-up of ICM control unit under Service functions.


Observe the following test conditions prior to the chassis/wheel alignment check:

1. Only BMW approved wheel and tire combinations may be installed on the vehicle 2. Correct tread depth. The tread depth for each axle may differ from left to right by max. 1-2 mm.

3. Correct tire pressure (see label on vehicle).

4. All chassis and suspension components must be technically OK.

5. Condition of suspension and shock absorbers OK: Visually inspect for breakage, etc.

6. Vehicles with self-levelling suspension: Pull fuse of air supply system so that there is no controlling down or up.

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