BMW X3 Owners Manual: General information

Position of switch: , ,

If the driver door is opened with the ignition switched off, the exterior lighting is automatically switched off at these switch settings.

Parking lights

Position of switch : the vehicle's lights light up on all sides, e.g., for parking.

Do not use the parking lights for extended periods; otherwise, they might drain the battery and it would then be impossible to start the engine.

When parking, it is preferable to switch on the one-sided roadside parking lights.

Low beams

Position of switch with the ignition switched on: the low beams light up.

Welcome lights

When the vehicle is parked, leave the switch in position or : parking and interior lights come on briefly when the vehicle is unlocked depending on the ambient brightness.


1. "Settings"

2. "Lighting"

3. "Welcome lights"

Settings are stored for the profile currently in use.

Headlight courtesy delay feature

The low beams stay lit for a short while after the radio-ready state is switched off if the lights are turned off and the headlight flasher is switched on.

Setting the duration

1. "Settings"

2. "Lighting"

3. "Pathway lighting:"

4. Set length of time.

Settings are stored for the profile currently in use.

    Parking lights/low beams, headlight control

    Automatic headlight control
    Position of switch : the low beams are activated and off automatically, e.g., in tunnels, in twilight or if there is precipitation. The indicator ...

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