BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Blind rivet

1.0 Recommended tools and equipment

  • Blind riveting tongs
  • Rivet head extension

Setting blind rivets:

  • Refer to repair instructions for rivet size.
  • Position bore holes for blind rivets in accordance with specification in repair instructions. If necessary, carry over the positions of the blind rivets to the new part.
  • Drill holes that exceed the outer diameter of the blind rivet (example Ø 4.2 mm with 4 mm blind rivet and Ø 6.8 mm with 6.5 mm blind rivet).
  • The edge of the hole must even on both sides. If necessary, sand down and even out surfaces (e.g. edges of punch rivet connections). Deburr bore holes.
  • Insert blind rivet. If necessary, remove adhesive that has emerged.

    Position blind rivet tool vertically. Use rivet head extension if accessibility is poor.

  • Rivet blind rivet with blind rivet tool. In the meantime clean rivet head if dirty with adhesive. Risk of damage to rivet head by penetrating adhesive.
  • Seal blind rivet with SEALANT D1 (risk of corrosion).
  • Seal cavities after work on vehicle paintwork on with CAVITY PRESERVATION (risk of corrosion).
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