BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Notes on adhesive K6


Note the following information before starting to apply adhesive!

  • Country-specific safety and industrial safety regulations
  • Material safety data sheet of manufacturer
  • Processing instructions on glue cartridge

Storage: Dry at 15º-25 ºC.

Shelf life: The glue cartridge is marked with a date.

Do not use the adhesive after this date.

Surface pre-treatment: See vehicle-specific repair instructions


Preparing the glue cartridge: Do not prepare the glue cartridge until just before applying the adhesive.

The working temperature of glue cartridge must be at least 18ºC.

Pot life of adhesive is approx. 10 minutes at 25 ºC.

Insert glue cartridge into cartridge gun, remove cap and allow both adhesive components to emerge. Strip adhesive components uniformly and attach mixing tube. Only use mixing tubes supplied with glue cartridge.

Before starting to apply adhesive, allow approx. 1 mixing tube length of mixed adhesive to emerge. Only then apply the mixed adhesive to one side of the bonding surface.

Opened cartridges may be used again before the expiry date as long as a new mixing tube is used.

2-component adhesive application: Read the vehicle-specific repair instructions to determine the thickness and positioning of the adhesive bead.

Hardening time: See vehicle-specific repair instructions

Disposal of adhesive: Hardened adhesive is disposed of as normal waste.

Empty glue cartridges are disposed of as normal waste.

Non-hardened adhesives and mixtures of adhesive and solvent and the like must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

These regulations apply to the Federal Republic of Germany.

For other countries, comply with the (possibly differing) nationally applicable regulations.


Use only cleaning agent R1, as other cleaning agents cab be emollient/moistening or may start to dissolve the cathodic dip paint primer.

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