BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Punch rivets

The "Bonding and Riveting" repair method involves the use for the first time of punch rivets in the repair. This requires new tools and procedures.

The punch rivets are matched in size to the material thickness and quality used at the respective connection point.

1.0 Recommended tools and equipment

  • Punch rivet tool (05 03 09 (535))

Setting punch rivets:

  • Refer to the vehicle-specific repair instructions for the punch rivet size.
  • Mark the positions of the rivets on the vehicle. Set punch rivets at roughly equal spacings.

    Punch rivets do not require a predrilled hole. They are pressed directly into the full material.

  • Insert punch rivet in riveting die. Position punch rivet tool on sheet metal parts to be riveted.

    Riveting direction: Always from new part to used part.

    Deviations are specified in the vehicle-specific repair instructions.

  • Rivet punch rivets with punch rivet tool. In the meantime clean riveting die and matrix if fouled with adhesive.
  • Seal punch rivets in moist area (e.g. wheel arch or carrier support) on both sides with SEALANTD1 (risk of corrosion).
  • Seal cavities after painting vehicle with CAVITY SEALANT (risk of corrosion).
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