BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Repairing plastic components

1.0 General notes

  • In general, the economic viability must be checked prior to the repair.
  • The following painted COMPONENTS ON THE OUTER SKIN are suitable for repair:
    • Bumper panels (exception: E52)
    • Side sill trim panels
    • Side Panels
    • Door outer skin
    • Hardtop/roof
    • Soft top compartment lid
    • Rear lid
  • It is possible to repair the following damage:
    • Slight deformations without visible cracks in the paint.

      Visible cracks reach the component and it is not possible to permanently rectify the damage.

      Cracks once again become visible on the paintwork after a certain period of time.

    • Slight damage, e.g. scrapes, if the component underneath does not become visible.
    • Cracks, holes up to 2.5 centimeter in length.

      Cracks must not reach the edge of the component.

  • Attention! The following components cannot be repaired:
    • Components that are not painted as standard.

      Unable to restore grained surface.

    • Fuel tank, fluid tank (e.g. window washer system, brake fluid, coolant expansion tank, etc.)

2.0 Reshaping of plastic parts

  • A hot air blower can be used to reshape plastic parts as per the aforementioned criteria.

3.0 Bonding of plastic parts

IMPORTANT: Conform with safety regulations .

  • A plastic repair box is offered (sourcing reference via BMW Parts Department) for inexpensive repair with fair time values.
  • The procedure for repair of plastic parts is included in the plastic repair box.
  • Clamps or other metal reinforcements must not be used for reasons of pedestrian protection.

4.0 Welding plastic parts

  • Plastic welding procedures are permitted as they are cost-effective repairs in line with the components' current value.
  • Clamps or other metal reinforcements must not be used for reasons of pedestrian protection.
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