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Read and comply with GENERAL INFORMATION.

The needle stamping system 360 - VRM - BMW is required to stamp the vehicle identification number.

Order number: 81 43 2 155 736

The needle stamping system 360 tool set comprises:

  • (1) Display
  • (2) Mains adapter
  • (3) Needle stamping unit
  • (4) Connecting cable
  • (5) Power cable
  • (6) Compressed-air hose

NOTE: A compressed-air connection is also required.

  • Operating pressure approx. 6 bar
  • Use only dry, oil-free air

Necessary preliminary tasks:


Procedure for additional vehicle identification number

  • Cross through original vehicle identification number.

Detach filler neck (1) in upward direction.


Release screw (1).

Release screws (2) and (3) and remove holder for side wall.



1. = Original vehicle identification number (line 1).

Mark position lines (2) in accordance with specified dimensions/measurements.

Dimension a = 12 mm
Dimension b = 10 mm

Display input:

  • Select Layout 5 with arrow button.
  • Enter vehicle identification number with F10.
  • Press "ENTER" button.

NOTE: With Layout 5 the vehicle identification number (line 1) is crossed through.


IMPORTANT: Perform stamping operation with position lines in advance on a test sheet.

Tape the hole (1) with a smooth adhesive tape (2).



Move suction feet of needle stamping unit to positions (1) and (2).

NOTE: The contact surface for the suction cups of the needle imprint device must be dry and free of dust and grease!

Make sure the unit is resting securely in position. If necessary, adjust the height and position of the suction feet.

Press pushbutton (1) for vacuum pressure.

Then start stamping operation with pushbutton (2).

IMPORTANT: After completing the stamping operation, do not alter the position of the unit.

Do not switch off vacuum pressure.


Stamping second vehicle identification number

Display input:

  • Select Layout 2 with arrow button.
  • Press "ENTER" button.

NOTE: With Layout 2 the already entered vehicle identification number is stamped in line 2.


Start stamping operation with pushbutton (2).


Following layout functions are available:

Layout selection Vehicle identification number
Layout 1 In line 1
Layout 2 In line 2
Layout 3 Turned through 180º in line 1
Layout 4 Turned through 180º in line 2
Layout 5 Cross through in line 1
Layout 6 Cross through in line 2
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