BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Straightening steel components on the outer skin

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1.0 Recommended tools.

Only use those tools designed for steel repairs.

2.0 Straightening outer skin.

  • "Cold" straightening: Press dents out from their center and smooth in an inwards direction with gentle taps.

    In the case of small, soft dents (hail and parking damage), this is also possible without damaging the paintwork. This requires special tools and a trained employee.

  • In the case of damaged areas which are only accessible from one side, a repair system with welding can be used.
  • Avoid cracking.
  • Avoid hardening and overstretching.
  • Prevent overheating small areas of the outer skin.
  • When the surface exhibits an unevenness no greater than 2 mm after straightening, putty compound can be used to even out the area (see Painting Handbook).

    Unevenness greater than 2 mm with metal putty.

NOTE: Only applicable within the European Union!

European used-vehicle regulations prohibit the use of tin containing lead in motor vehicles introduced after 01.07.2003!

  • For high-security vehicle, note the special information in the repair instructions!

2.1 Straightening the wheel arch (rear side panel). Vehicles in which the wheel arch is not welded but bonded and bordered can be straightened.

This is possible in the following situations:

  • Rear side panel (wheel arch) is not torn in the area of the bonding. Welding in this area is not permissible.
  • The outer skin has not become separated from the outer wheel arch section.

In general, the following applies: When performing straightening work on the wheel arch, apply sealant to the inside. After straightening, the area must be primed and resealed with sealant D1. Protect from the inside using cavity preservation.

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