BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Touching up paintwork damage

These notes apply to paintwork damage on the body aperture that occurred when detaching bonded window glass.

To ensure long-term corrosion protection, it is absolutely essential to touch up damage to paintwork! The "BMW Color System" painting handbook forms the basis of these repair instructions and must be observed without fail.

Ground down damage to paintwork on body aperture and touch up with BMW multibase filler.

Grind larger areas or damage down to the bare sheet metal and coat with BMW multibase filler (layer thickness 30 to 40 μm).

Hardening time:

  • With infrared, at least 10 minutes
  • Without infrared for at least 60 ºC, at least 30 minutes
  • Without infrared for at least 20 ºC, at least 24 hours

If a complete build-up of paint is required in the visible area:

  • Tape off primed adhesive flange before applying top coat

IMPORTANT: Observe hardening time of BMW multibase filler otherwise a perfect bond cannot be guaranteed!

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