BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Replace entrance for front left door

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Observe procedure for REPAIR STAGE 3.

Read contents of BODY, GENERAL.

Following new body parts are required (refer to OVERVIEW OF CONSUMABLES):

  • (1) A-pillar with entrance


Mark severance cuts in accordance with specified dimensions and cut.

IMPORTANT: Cut outer panel only for following severance cuts.

Dimension a = approximately 380 mm in front of Ø 20 mm hole.
Dimension b = approximately 360 mm before separating cut a.

Open welded connections in areas (1).

Installation note: Mark new part in accordance with severance cuts on vehicle and cut.

Weld in REINFORCEMENT PLATES at severance cuts.


    Support members

    Replace sills, left
    Procedure OBSERVE repair stage 3! Read contents of BODY, GENERAL. Use only approved SPOT-WELDING APPARATUS for repairs! Following new body parts ...

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