BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Replacing rear left or right dust boot on brake caliper

BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual / Brakes / Rear brakes / Replacing rear left or right dust boot on brake caliper

Necessary preliminary tasks:

  • Remove rear BRAKE PADS.

NOTE: Dust boot can be replaced without dismantling the brake caliper and without removing the piston.

Use original BMW repair kit.

When the repair work is complete, please pay attention to the following:

  • Check brake pads and brake discs for wear.
  • Perform brake test on test stand
  • Perform test drive.

Remove dust boot (1) from brake caliper (2) in direction of arrow with a suitable tool.

IMPORTANT: Dust boot must not be re-used!


Clean contact surface of dust boot at brake caliper housing (1) and piston groove (2) with a lint-free cloth.

IMPORTANT: Carefully check brake caliper housing, cylinder bore and brake piston for damage and corrosion! Corroded or damaged components must be replaced! The contact surface on the brake caliper housing must be dry and free of grease before installing the dust boot!


Pull sealing lip (1) of dust boot over the brake piston until the dust boot (2) is properly seated in the brake piston groove.

Put dust boot (2) uniformly onto contact surface of brake caliper housing and uniformly push in.

IMPORTANT: The dust boot must be correctly lying against the entire circumference of the brake caliper housing and the brake piston groove.


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