BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Notes on adhesive K1

IMPORTANT: Note the following information before starting to apply adhesive!

  • Country-specific safety and industrial safety regulations
  • Material safety data sheet of manufacturer
  • Processing instructions on glue cartridge

Storage: Dry at 15º- 25 ºC.

Shelf life: The glue cartridge is marked with a date.

Do not use the adhesive after this date.

Surface pre-treatment: The PRE-TREATMENT depends on the material to be bonded and its coating.


Do not use compressed-air-operated cartridge guns!

Preparing the glue cartridge: Opened glue cartridges may be used again before the expiry date as long as a new mixing tube is used.

The working temperature of glue cartridge must be at least 20ºC.

Insert glue cartridge into cartridge gun, remove cap and allow both adhesive components to emerge. Strip adhesive components uniformly and attach mixing tube. Only use mixing tubes supplied with glue cartridge.

Allow approx. 10 cm of mixed adhesive to emerge.

Only after this apply the mixed adhesive to one side of the bonding surface.

Application time of mixed adhesive approx. 2 hours. A change of mixer is only necessary if over a period of 1 hour no material has flowed through the mixer.

2-component adhesive application: Read the vehicle-specific repair instructions to determine the thickness and positioning of the adhesive bead.

After applying the adhesive, check whether an adhesive component has emerged at the back of the glue cartridge. If yes, break off the bonding procedure. Clean new part. Use new glue cartridge.

Remove contamination caused by adhesive residue immediately.

Hardened adhesive can only be removed mechanically.

Hardening time:

Do not move the vehicle before the adhesive has hardened.

Check the degree of hardness of the adhesive with a fingernail.

If the adhesive cannot be pressed in any further with a fingernail, the vehicle may be moved (without engine force) for further processing applications (e.g. painting).

Vehicle strength for driving applications is achieved after:

48 hours at an object temperature of 15ºC.
10 hours at an object temperature of 23ºC.
1 hour at an object temperature of 60ºC.
0.5 hours at an object temperature of 85ºC.

IMPORTANT: When using radiant heaters, make sure that the object temperature does not exceed 85 ºC.

Excessively high temperatures will destroy the adhesive.

Disposal of adhesive: Hardened adhesive is disposed of as normal waste.

Empty glue cartridges are disposed of as normal waste.

Non-hardened adhesives and a mixture of adhesive and solvent and the like must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

These regulations apply to the Federal Republic of Germany.

For other countries, comply with the (possibly differing) nationally applicable regulations.

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