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Precautionary measures are necessary when handling magnets in order to exclude any potential danger.

If the distance between the magnets falls below the minimum distance, the magnets will be abruptly attracted to each other. The brittle magnets will then collide with each other at high speed.

Very sharp splinters (similar to glass splinters) may then be chipped off.

Crush or cut injuries may also be caused.

Observe the manufacturer's safety data sheets.


  • Danger of crush injuries
  • Danger of injury due to splinters
  • Danger of injury due to magnetic fields

Handling instructions

  • Wear safety goggles and protective gloves.
  • Persons with heart pacemakers must not use the magnets.
  • Do not store any iron parts (tools, small parts) close to the magnets.
  • Keep magnets away from magnetic data media (credit cards, memory cards).
  • Do not machine the magnets.
  • Keep the magnets away direct heat and naked flames.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke while working with these products.
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