BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Spray gun for cavity sealant


1.0 Delivery specification:

  • Owner's Handbook
  • Pressure reservoir spray gun (1) for cavity sealant
  • Spray set, consisting of spray hoses: Angle nozzle (2) and round spray nozzle (3)

IMPORTANT: Prior to start-up read and familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's operating and safety instructions.

2.0 Start-up:

  • Open the pressure reservoir and insert the cavity sealant in the form of a 1-liter can.

    Close the pressure reservoir.

  • Connect the spray hose to the quick-release coupling.
  • Connect the device to the compressed air supply.

    Operating pressure 2-6 bar, max. 8 bar!

3.0 Operating principle:

NOTE: Unlike previous devices you can alter the spray pattern on this device with the air volume regulating screw (large knurled screw).

  • Twisting the air volume regulating screw in decreases the air volume and thus reduces the formation of material mist.

This facilitates optimum working when preserving open components/surfaces.

  • Twisting the air volume regulating screw out increases the air volume and thus increases the formation of material mist. (For closed cavities)
  • The trigger has two settings.

    1st setting - air discharge only.

    2nd setting - air and material discharge.

  • After finishing work, press the first setting to clean the spray hose with compressed air.
  • Prior to storing, remember to twist the air volume regulating screw closed to reduce the risk of the material drying out.
  • Prior to an extended period of non-use (2 weeks and more), clean the gun.
  • To ensure that the spray hoses function properly, do not store them coiled up e.g. in the side member area! Store the spray hoses stretched out.

4.0 Application examples:

  • Use the appropriate spray hoses for the different types of cavity and surface.
  • Example - doors, lids and hatches: Spray hose with angle nozzle. Reduce air volume to keep the formation of mist low.
  • Example - side members: Long spray hose with round spray nozzle. The air volume must be increased a little, depending on the type used.
  • Basically, keep the formation of mist low to avoid fouling and unpleasant odors.

5.0 Safety instructions:

  • Do not inhale spray mist.
  • Use in well ventilated rooms only.
  • Operating pressure max. 8 bar.
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